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"We’ve worked with Bespoke a few times now as their insight from working across a broad spectrum of clients in the luxury sector means they bring a different, yet knowledge-based perspective to their work for us. They are always as keen as us to push boundaries and create something really impactful and functional at the same time. For something that takes a lot of work behind the scenes too, they make the whole thing fun along the way!"
- Rachel Moore, Associate Director at Almacantar 
"We have had a long-standing relationship with Bespoke Banter who continue to have a progressive view on content and work in partnership with brands to expand the conversation whether that be through creating content itself or hosting their infamous panel talks hosted so professionally by Scott.  They have a unique ability to offer informed insight for their clients with a view to helping them make more meaningful content."
- Emma Dawson, Director at Blanket Consulting
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“I look at women and genuinely, authentically think the ones who have a woman's body look more beautiful.  And we all need to think like this." - Arizona Muse

“In terms of how to build sustainable fashion businesses, changing the perception in minds of the consumer, that sustainability can also be around a beautiful quality product, that you may have to pay a little more for, but if you are saving the planet, it is worth it.” - Caroline Rush, Chief Executive, British Fashion Council

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“You want people to feel good about owning your brand and your product and if they are feeling guilty about where it’s been made and who’s been treated badly making it, you can’t enjoy the product.”  - Dolly Jones, Chief Editor at Eco-Age

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“It is so empowering to have a point of reference, another black person to make you feel normal amongst a sea of white faces.”  - Lorraine Pascal,  Model & Chef

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“My parents' company, The Body Shop, was not just a brand, it was an extension of their beliefs and personal philosophy and what they used to speak to the world. How do you want to connect to the world?   - Sam Roddick, Activist, Artist and Feminist 

At Bespoke we are firm believers in talent film being fun, direct, not too branded and with a real person speaking. Too often talent collaborations can feel forced with a product sell and alien language that absolutely does zero for locking in trust. We don’t want your consumer to ‘swipe up’ we want them to ‘swipe to more stories!’ 
“Being interviewed by Scott is just like speaking to an old friend!” - Kate Moss 
“Scott is one of my favourite people. You can not help but open up and engage is conversation and energetic banter…full of passion, very professional and considerate.”  - Alice Temperley
“Scott has this AMAZING way of instantly putting people at ease, whether he knows them or not - he brings out the best in people. You can put him in any situation and he will add his magical touch. I love working with him - he’s a consummate professional - charming, funny and kind. His energy is incredible!” - Charlotte Tilbury




Bespoke proudly partner with The Creative Shootout to tackle homelessness in the UK.
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Here we have a selection of films from our series called Positive Players....amazing creatives we know and love from the world of fashion and film who share their ups and downs on their journey to success. Some very frank speaking! 

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