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Created in 2007, Bespoke Films has enjoyed over a decade working on the frontline of the digital revolution, empowering brands in their creative film communications. Our areas of expertise fall into three distinct categories. Always…flawless film, films with true purpose, and work with brand ambassadors to ensure strategic, clear messaging. 

Scott Wimsett, CEO and Founder 

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“Scott’s charm, warmth, knowledge of the industry and those within it make for a dynamic combination both behind and in front of the camera - it is always a great pleasure and great fun to work with him.” - Caroline Rush, Chief Executive of the British Fashion Council


Whatever the film that you are commissioning is created to do, we have over 10 years of experience in helping our clients identify the most visually powerful way to achieve this in a very crowded space. As a crucial marketing tool it is fast becoming clear that investment in higher quality film, concept and narrative is priority for all businesses. With over 80% of all traffic consisting of video by 2021 (CISCO) it is absolutely essential to get this right. Bespoke are here to help. 



We all know that our new consumer is more curious, more suspicious, more headstrong than ever before. If your brand is not totally transparent about your backstory, your intention and your service to the consumer, you will only now be speaking to an older consumer who is less plugged in and who demands less from you as a brand. A small percentage of the available audience. Be mindful, your aim is to build a meaningful relationship with your consumer and that is based on trust. The loyal follower will allow you to take a journey from where you are to where you are heading but without being honest about it, they will find you out and go elsewhere for that category and very likely never return. Being truthful about your whole visual presentation is absolutely critical. 


The conversation has to go both ways. We (the consumer) need to feel that we are being heard and that you are listening. For so many years brands would project a one way dialogue,  painting a picture of how they thought the consumer should view the world they inhabit. We know now that by having an active and constantly reviewed channel, your consumer has the ability to respond,  contribute and share. We help brands identify the most meaningful ways of establishing their own individual voice, visually, by speaking heads and experts or indeed by their own ambassadors.




Bespoke have a long heritage in journalism and public relations and understand that without accuracy in your messaging and only having growth and product sell as your bottom line, you will die a slow death. High drama! We have worked for many years with the global face, body and voice of many brands to ensure that what your consumer feels, hears and experiences within your social feed, motivates them to act upon what they absorb. It is not enough to have a great face without some active banter, personality, knowledge and passion. With years of experience in making a brand nail it and be topical, informed and relevant, we always enjoy meeting new faces and helping them to be hero in this space. 


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