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Brands are at their most crucial time in content history when selecting who they select to be the voice and narrator of their unique story. With every consumer looking closely for your point of difference, how they connect with your values and what principles you may share, the messenger needs depth, accurate knowledge and insight and very often be a real person with genuine compassion. 


For too long brands have worked with talent purely because of their following and this is no longer enough. If it feels authentic and less of a paid collaboration, your engagement is staggering and locks in loyalty on a whole new level. 


Bespoke have been working with global talent, brand ambassadors and company spokespersons for over 12 years, securing their brand messaging and making sure that when we walk on set, we are on message, impactful and driving home the brand DNA in a real person way. 

Scott has this AMAZING way of instantly putting people at ease, whether he knows them or not - he brings out the best in people. You can put him in any situation and he will add his magical touch. I love working with him - he’s a consummate professional - charming, funny and kind. His energy is incredible!” - Charlotte Tilbury

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